"Our mission is to provide the best and most complete planning and buying tool for media spend."

Allard PosthumusFounder & CTO "I love it when a plan comes together."

This is Allard

In the early nineties, Media Buying Systems founder Allard Posthumus became interested in Radio's listening figures.

The use of data to optimize TV and radio programs and advertising campaigns inspired him to create a system capable of reporting all kinds of viewing and listening figures. The first version of a campaign planning system "MediaView" was born. Over the years, MediaView has evolved from a relatively simple system to a comprehensive suite that covers the entire process of deploying radio and TV broadcast time. It supports the process from initial plan to evaluation and billing and everything in between. With our MediaView Dashboard, our users inform advertisers about the performance of their Audio, Visual and Online campaigns.

This is the team

Our team of Developers, Product Owners and Customer Experience Specialists work intensively together to create tools that make the lives of media planners easier. By working in close contact with our customers, the optimal user experience is realized.

These are our products

Our mission is to provide the best and most complete planning and buying tool for media spend. With our tools we support the entire process of analyzing, planning, buying, optimizing and evaluating AV spending.

This is our place

MBS is located in Amsterdam's Houthavens in a beautiful, industrial and cozy office.
We like to work in open space for optimal interaction, but also have plenty of places to retreat to.

We are easily accessible by public transportation, but finding the front door can be a challenge.
We also have a limited number of parking spaces.

See the route to the front door here.

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