Our Products

Our products are used by media agencies and operators. In Mediaview, data from all television and radio operators and from viewing and listening surveys is integrated, in such a way that the information can be planned and optimized. In Mediaview dashboard it is possible to link campaign data from all medium types, whether television, radio, online video, display or social campaigns. It provides visualized insight into campaign results at any time.


MediaView supports the entire process from planning, buying to evaluating AV campaigns.

With our tools, you make market analyses, determine the optimal flight to achieve the objectives, handle the buying process in an automated way, you can create the broadcast instructions and send them through the web services.

The tool supports you in optimizing AV campaigns, and a campaign evaluation is available afterward.







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MediaView Dashboard

The MediaView dashboard makes campaign data comprehensible in a user-friendly way. Many medium types can be linked to the dashboard, be it television, radio, online video, display or social campaigns.

It also provides grip on your awareness and performance KPIs, such as reach, cost, price and channel/platform performance. This real-time insight allows you to make adjustments to an ongoing campaign and evaluate historical data.

The dashboard is visually stimulating and user-friendly. Using MediaView Dashboard, you can give the advertiser insight at any time or share the data via PowerPoint or PDF. There are also various options for customizing the MediaView dashboard, for example in your own house style.

RTV Basic

  • Insight and overview
  • Current broadcast schedules
  • Visual and dynamic

RTV Performance

  • All the advantages of Basic
  • Uplift visits website
  • Extra benefit

Online Media

  • All the advantages of Basic
  • Online video + social media
  • Impressions, CPM, CTR, clicks

Total Media

  • All the advantages of Basic
  • Cross media campaigns
  • Awareness/performance KPIs