Meet our team

Allard Posthumus

Founder & CTO

Babette van der Reijden

Product owner

Yuri Gumbs

Head of development

Kelly van Baar

Jr. Product owner

Arthur Hoogendijk


Maaike de Vries-Oldenburg

Product owner

Patrick van der Kleij

​System administrator &


Valeriy Argunov


Knaar Visser

Director Operations

Yoram Tap

Operations manager

Jeroen Vonk


Maxim Chislov

Test engineer

Lisa Berentschot

Manager Product owners

Indy Beck

Support coordinator

Volodymyr Havrysh


Daan Posthumus

Data Analyst


In the early nineties, the founder of Media Buying Systems, Allard Posthumus, was obsessed by TV audience ratings...

...Using data to optimize TV and radio programs and advertising campaigns inspired him to create a system capable of reporting all kinds of audience figures. The first version of a campaign planning system “MediaView” was born. Over the years MediaView has evolved from a relatively simple system to a comprehensive suite covering the complete process of buying radio and TV airtime. It covers the initial plan to the invoicing afterwards and everything in between.

These days we are working on making our products more efficient and smarter by using AI solutions and providing the market with near real-time AV data for different dashboarding tools.