Meet our team:

Allard Posthumus - managing director
Allard Posthumus managing director
Ester Groenveld - product manager
Ester Groenveld product manager
Nicole Jongbloed - product owner
Nicole Jongbloed product owner
Yoram Tap - operations manager
Yoram Tap operations manager
Hans van Kampen - business manager
Hans van Kampen business manager
Anton Fronik - client care
Anton Fronik client care
Birgit de Winter - client support
Birgit de Winter client support
Nikki Haanstra - client support
Nikki Haanstra client support
Yuri Gumbs - development teamlead
Yuri Gumbs development teamlead
Dennis Steinmeijer - developer
Dennis Steinmeijer developer
Gerrie Spits - developer
Gerrie Spits developer
Arno Stam - developer
Arno Stam developer
Robin Perz - developer
Robin Perz developer

About Us

In the early nineties the founder of Media Buying Systems, Allard Posthumus, was obsessed by TV audience ratings...

and further..

...Using data to optimize TV and radio programs and advertising campaigns inspired him to create a system capable of reporting all kinds of audience figures for the Dutch market, at that time measured by AGB/Intomart. Soon after that the first version of a campaign planning system, at this time still called “MediaView”, was born. Over the years MediaView evolved from a relatively simple system to a comprehensive suite covering the complete process of buying radio and TV airtime; from the initial plan to the reporting afterwards and everything in between. Latest and most promising features are the possibilities to buy programmatic online video combined with linear TV.